Oh the Drama…

First of all, I must say that DVR’s are wonderful.  I don’t have to be a slave to scheduled sporting events anymore.  Having just watched the thrilling UEFA Champions League finale in my home, at my leisure, two days later…and it was more crazy late game drama to advance into OT between Bayern Munich and Chelsea.  Fairly predictable late game drama given recent events in the English Premier League.  See Manchester City v. QPR.

Hassani Kwess-Kick The Bass, Chuck

Foster The People-Pumped Up Kicks (The Knocks Remix)

Dada Life-Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker (Original Mix)

I’m not going to say much about the game except that you should watch it…and Chelsea’s goalie Pieter Cech is a superhuman!

The Big Pink-Hit The Ground (Superman)

Cat Stevens-It’s a Super (Dupa) Life

JJ Fad-Let’s Get Hyped

…also I will say this.  Drogba sounds a lot like drama.  Just sayin’.

artwork by London/Ghanaian artist Godfried Donkor

Ra Ra Riot-Too Dramatic

Ra Ra Riot-Too Dramatic (The Morning Benders Remix)


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DJ at KWVA University of Oregon campus radio, record collector, artist.
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