Stuff I Missed: Compro Oro

Compro Oro: Suburban Exotica 2019 Sdban Records
Soul, Jazz Funk, World Fusion


1. Miami New Wave. 3:25
2. 10 Dollar Jeans Jacket. 5:17
3. 11 Dollar Iphone. 2:33
4. Mogadishu. 5:28
5. Rastapopoulos. 4:12
6. Lalibela. 3:48
7. Dark Crystal. 4:21
8. Baobab. 4:16
9. Geef Je Geld. 4:05
10. Kruitvat. 5:47

personnel :

Wim TJ Segers – vibraphone, marimba, synth, glockenspiel, percussion
Bart Vervaeck – electric guitar, pedal steel, oud, 5-strings banjo
Mattias Debusschere – electric bass, electric ukulele
Falk Schrauwen – kalimba, congas, percussion
Robbe Kieckens – darbuka
Frederik Van den Berghe – drums
Dijf Sanders – synths
Joachim Cooder – arry mbira, percussion (1,5,7)

A very solid album of funky, jazzy instrumentals featuring a wide ranging percussion arrangement. They feature the marimba, bells, cuica, something called a darbuka, etc,…they go all out.  The drum kit is always right in the pocket, the guitar work is impressive, all them added synth sounds, slap bass poppin’! You get the idea, overall you feel like you’re creeping through the jungle, then into the desert, and off to the dusty city market before venturing back to the safety of a suburban beach.  All that is to say that had I heard this album before today I would’ve featured it last year.  Movin’ on.

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