Los Espiritus

Here is a new discovery to me, a band of weary Argentinian travelers that I’ve grown to enjoy, and sheltered in my soul. They have been traveling the Southern hemisphere for a decade, and sadly it seems that their journey is coming to an end, as the group has reportedly broken up. Like many things in life I may have missed the caravan on this adventure but their is still back catalogues to explore. This unique blend of Rock, Blues, and Psychadelia creates a fine complex molE, magically concocted by shamanic forces, that may be lost to time but will always maintain a seat at my table.

Check out their back catalogue…

Caldero, 2019

Agua Ardiente, 2017

Gratitude, 2015

Los Espíritus, 2013

more info here

About spinladen

DJ at KWVA University of Oregon campus radio, record collector, artist.
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