WALL I Chants – Night After EP

Greetings Folks,

Just got back from a great record release party in Madison, WI for up and coming local electronic music producer Jordan Cohen’s project “Chants”.  I met him through one of my friends in the animal kingdom, the ubiquitous Rhino, at a Tortoise show at the Majestic Theater a few weeks back.  The slick downtempo electronic production is in line with those who like Burial, Phaseone, Shlohmo, Pinch, and Basic Channel.  I really like both albums and the live performance, it really makes ol’ WALL I’s fins shake!

Chants – Night After EP Homepage on Dutty Arts (NYC)

Chants – Night After EP – Night After (Sickness!!!)

Chants – NIght After (adoptahighway Remix) (very nice!)

Chants – Night After EP – Night After Night (Old Money Remix)

Chants – Night After EP – Caduceus (AWESOME)

According to Chants, “I made this E.P. over a relatively brutal Wisconsin winter and sampled sounds from the snow and ice outside my apartment. Everything began with the emotion of non-musical elements like that.”  Snow and ice samples from Wisco?  Sounds pretty fuckin’ bomb to me!!!

Jordan Cohen aka Chants and the Don WALL I himself at 1502 Willy St. with my vinyl copies of the “Night After EP”!!! Photos by WALL I

Here’s his 2010 release which is phenomenal!!!!

Chants – Onlooker

Chants – Onlooker – Wintertime Dub  (AWESOME)

Chants – Onlooker – The Farm

Chants – Onlooker – Spaghetti Midwestern (AWESOME)

A sample of Chants in action live….



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