Lord Wolfgang


Words from creek himself…

So again i say thank you to all of my extended family (a cooler more hip way to say fans lol), Thank you to the staff over at UDCC (Upside Down Crown Clique) for working their asses of to make sure i realize this dream, Thank you to the bloggers, the taste makers, the dj’s etc.

Now with out any further interruption I GIVE  YOU MY NEW MIX TAPE ENTITLED “2.” In case you’re wondering why it’s called 2, it is the sequel to NNBRN (Not Now But Right Now), but saying that title every time was fucking exhausting.  But never mind that… enjoy the mixtape and download it. Twice even!

Get up get out and get this here.

About spinladen

DJ at KWVA University of Oregon campus radio, record collector, artist.
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