Stuff I missed-Summer Edition

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I would say that all of the albums below contain at least some element of funk and soul, given this is Soul Donuts, but what binds these selections together is an element of summer breeze, sleazy encounters, prolonged trips, and strange vibes.

Starting with one of my favorite new finds, one that remains on heavy rotation.

Pinc Louds

…adding a flare for the cinematic and pushing the psychedelia and cross-dressing further out, this NYC busker is here for all the madness.

more here.

Chola Orange

Keep your eyes out for more cartoonishly hipster funky instrumental vibes from these LatinX goofballs, it’s gonna be good.

The Altons

East LA soul rockers with a lovely twee-soul sound.

more here

Twin Seas

Some laid back surf pop vibes, like Gorillaz on sedatives and umbrella drinks.  East LA in the house again.

more here

Psychic Mirrors

Boogie Noir, the funky moniker often related to the group is a new one for me!

Vice article here

Other great stuff I missed…

Hush Moss

…a bit disco-funk and glamorous.

Quiet Luke

…full on with the pop trip.

Natalie Prass

…one of a kind.

Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers

…across the board.

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