And She Could Be Next

VA: And She Could Be Next (A Voting Rights Album Produced by Gingger Shankar & William Stanbro)

Gingger Shankar, co-producer of the voting rights companion album And She Could Be Next, joined Lakeshore Records on Instagram to find out why the virtuoso violinist, singer, composer, and activist was inspired to team up with dynamic, powerful, outspoken voices from the hip hop, pop, and R&B community such as Aloe Blacc, Sa-Roc, D*L*P, Tarrriona ‘Tank’ Ball, Sheila E., Vivek Maddala and more, to make the album.

01. SA-ROC – Believe (feat. Aloe Blacc) (3:50)
02. Judith Hill – New Generation (4:18)
03. Tarriona ‘Tank’ Ball – Shadow (3:37)
04. Shawnee – Wild Woman (3:35)
05. Gingger Shankar – For Jordan, For Elijah, For… (feat. Vivek Maddala & Isaiah Gage) (1:38)
06. Saul Williams – Burn (feat. Hyro the Hero) (4:41)
07. Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys – Love Be the Way (feat. Oompa) (3:07)
08. This Way to the Egress – Town After Town (feat. Genie Santiago) (3:41)
09. Sarah DeAun – The Squad (feat. Sa-Roc) (4:31)

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