Fave EP’s of 2011

Longer than a single but not enough content to fill an album, it’s the Extended Play or better known by its more slimming name the EP.  Also the favorite format for every cool  band to release fan favorites, oft-hidden tracks, and obscure covers since the 90’s.  Here’s some of my favorite EP’s of last year.

Michael Kiwanuka-Tell Me A Tale/I’m Getting Ready

This soulful British youngster has two great EP’s out during 2011, and another early this year.  If that wasn’t enough a full album will be out in March.

Michael Kiwanuka-Home Again

Michael Kiwanuka-I’m Getting Ready

Michael Kiwanuka-Tell Me A Tale

Alabama Shakes-Alabama Shakes EP

Formerly the Shakes, this group is smokin’ hot.

Alabama Shakes-I Found You

Nick Waterhouse-Is That Clear

Blending an old-school doo-wop/r&b style with a fresh bravado that delivers the goods right on time like the milkman.  White, smooth, and robust too.

Nick Waterhouse-Some Place

Blackbird Blackbird-Boracay Planet

Always fun and prolific.

Blackbird Blackbird-Tear

Lord Huron-Mighty

Like the waves lashing the beach shore, so will your head be swimming listening to the Mighty Lord Huron.

Lord Huron-The Stranger

Opus Orange-Reinventions

Using their quirky inventiveness to reinvent the sound of indie-pop.

Opus Orange-Almost There [feat. Lauren Hillman]

Clams Casino-Rainforest

Clams Casino-Gorilla

This young super producer came onto the scene in a strong way in 2011.

Here We Go Magic-January

Spacy Post-Punk heroes give us true magic.

Here We Go Magic-Mirror Me

John Hughes- The Black Monk EP

Supremely catchy hooks.

John Hughes-Bird of Ill Omen

Reptar-Oblangle Fizz Y’all

A band you need to know…now!

Reptar-Blast Off

Honorable Mentions:


Tony Castles-No Service

Kurt Vile-So Outta Reach

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