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I’m a Rich Bitch

It’s my first major mix of the year…Im a Rich Bitch music mix. Gotta make that money, like a bear loves honey, like Elmer Fudd wants Bugs Bunny. Aldo Bender-I Can Make Us Rich! Jealous Cowards-Smack The Rich The Beatles-Baby … Continue reading

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Across the Ocean

I’m off on an adventure to Europe.  It’s time to explore some glass.  I’ll tell you more about that later, in the meanwhile… Germany Germany-Departure Frank Ocean-Pilot Jones The Vaccines-Aftershave Ocean Theophilus London-Flying Overseas (feat. Devonte Hynes And Solange Knowles)

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Here’s some new banger’s for ya.  Comin’ straight out the gutter.  We know how you like em. Ecid-Incredible Frank Ocean-PDA Chuck Inglish-Rolls Royce DJ Paul-What It’s For Jack Mushroom-Cloud High Logic-Tic Tac Toe Hassani Kwess-Greene Ave. Anthem Curren$y-Razors & Chopsticks … Continue reading

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