Darkness Falls on the Edge of Time

A really solid new album of afrobeat, funk, and soul instrumentals and more.  Grab a copy and some merch. here, and enjoy the massive sounds of Blood of Royalty from the album below.

Golden Dawn Arkestra-Blood of Royalty

This from the record label: “Golden Dawn Arkestra hails from a small planet in the constellation Cygnus, light-years away in the outermost reaches of the galaxy. The Arkestra conducts experiments involving space and time travel through the use of sound and movement. Their followers delight in these rituals; all bear witnesses to their higher selves and joyously bask in the eternal light that joins us all as one.

Armed with unique instrumentation that includes, horns, percussion, synthesizers and vibraphone, Golden Dawn Arkestra combines deep grooves with cinematic textures. The theatrical visuals of The Arkestra are enriched further by appearances from various dancers who, like the musicians, are adorned in shimmering garments reminiscent of intergalactic kingdoms of yore. Inspired to exuberance by ritualistic practices such as processions, chanting, and the power of the music itself, the audience falls into spellbound frenzies.”

01. Golden Dawn Arkestra – The End Is the Beginning (1:13)
02. Golden Dawn Arkestra – Mama Se (3:40)
03. Golden Dawn Arkestra – Allo Allo Boom (3:20)
04. Golden Dawn Arkestra – Showdown (3:15)
05. Golden Dawn Arkestra – Darkness Falls (5:09)
06. Golden Dawn Arkestra – Blood of Royalty (5:59)
07. Golden Dawn Arkestra – Hamza (4:48)
08. Golden Dawn Arkestra – Vetiver (4:19)
09. Golden Dawn Arkestra – The Beginning Is Ending (1:32)

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DJ at KWVA University of Oregon campus radio, record collector, artist.
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