Sherman’s Showcase

“Sherman’s Showcase is an American comedy television series, created by Bashir Salahuddin and Diallo Riddle. The series premiered on July 31, 2019, on IFC.
Sherman’s Showcase is inspired by variety shows including Soul Train, American Bandstand, The Midnight Special, and In Living Color with each episode hosted by Sherman McDaniel as he takes viewers through time via music and comedy drawn from the forty-year library of a legendary (but fictitious) musical variety show.”-IFC

This is a MUST!  In fact this is the most Soul Donuts show in the history of shows.  Funk, Soul, hilarious comedy, disco dancing, boats!!! and everything else funky.  So go listen to the soundtrack over here, and watch new episodes on IFC.

01. Sherman’s Showcase – Theme from Sherman’s Showcase (70s-80s Version) (0:44)
02. Sherman’s Showcase; Ne-Yo – Time Loop (5:44)
03. Sherman’s Showcase – That Ain’t Right (2:14)
04. Sherman’s Showcase – Marina del Rey (Let’s Spend the Day) (2:08)
05. Sherman’s Showcase – Drop It Low (For Jesus) (1:45)
06. Sherman’s Showcase; Buzzy Lee – Priestly (Gossamer Tunic) (2:58)
07. Sherman’s Showcase; Vic Mensa – Vicki, Is The Water Warm Enough (1:46)
08. Sherman’s Showcase – Theme from Sherman’s Showcase (90s Version) (0:43)
09. Sherman’s Showcase – The Black Kids At The White School (College Go-Go Song)
10. Sherman’s Showcase – Runnin’ (2:06)
11. Sherman’s Showcase – This Is My Fantasy (1:54)
12. Sherman’s Showcase – Theme from Sherman’s Showcase (2013 Version) (0:53)
13. Sherman’s Showcase – Venice Pier Futbol Club Anthem (2:17)
14. Sherman’s Showcase – Everybody’s Balling (3:03)


Here’s what Indie Wire has to say about it.

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