Compdown 2017

It would take me forever to list all of the compilation’s that came out this year, and a really long time to even list all of the one’s I’ve listened to in 2017.  Instead here is a list of some of my favorites.  In fact more than some, a lot of them…because there were just that many great ones.  Enjoy a lil of the music, check out some cool cover art, discover some new artists, and perhaps purchase stuff from some of the enormously prodigious record labels featured below…here is compilations from 2017 in no particular order (…and just the ones I’ve listened to that were noteworthy)…and I’m already hard at work on this year (2018), hopefully I’ll get it done in a reasonable time. Lol.

Let’s dig into it…

First lets look at some of the more unique and interesting compilation albums, as well as my favorite’s, along with a few tracks to accompany them.

Soul of a Nation: Afro-centric Visions in the Age of Black Power; Underground Jazz, Street Funk, and the Roots of Rap 68-79

The producers put together a really fine set here, thought-provoking and poetic.  This comp focuses on the traditions of African chants, Southern spirituals and street poetry, and its effect on jazz and funk.  Each track on here is unique and deserves contemplation so take some time to listen to this as a whole.

On a personal note highlighting the roots of anything is always gonna spark my interest;)

Sarah Webster Fabio-Sweet Songs

Roy Ayers-Red, Black and Green

Digital Zandoli 2

Following the success of Digital Zandoli 1, this collection of French West Indies Zouk, disco, and pop well introduce to the listener some of the coolest music from the 80s you will ever hear.  This is easily one of the best compilations of last year.  Enjoy a few tracks below…


Jo Star-Demare Moin

Jukebox Mambo Vol.3

Here we have the third installment of mambo cuts to tantalize your taste-buds.  This compilation highlights the ongoing effort to preserve the unique sounds of mambo, a musical style that combines the sounds of Latin Rumba, Afro-Caribbean, and Cuban music on Big-Band Jazz of the late 40s-60s.  Yes it is the same style that was made popular by Ricky on the ‘I Love Lucy’ show, and huge hits like Dean Martin’s ‘Sway,’ and the ubiquitous ‘ Mambo Italiano,’ but this musical style has way more to offer than just the popular version.  The music was often accompanied by Cuban dances like the habanera and contradanza.  More info from the release of vol.1 here.

Monogram Caribbean Orchestra-Calypso Cha Cha for Spooks

Aggie Dukes-Swing Low Sweet Cadillac


Ostinato Records releases Sweet as Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa.  This compilation gives us a diversity of tracks and styles from the region, reflecting interests in East Asian Bollywood, to West African Highlife.


Moving on…

…this is the perfect time to discover the interesting and new age, smoothe jazz, future soul, funk, boogie and EDM work coming out of the Tokyo Dawn record label.  Explore their entire catalog of jams here.

As well, the comps below are a perfect way to start to explore some of their artists.

The Heart Vol. 4-Tokyo Dawn Records

Soulful, jazzy, and smooth stylistic stirrings to warm the heart, with the flavor of 70s/80s boogie, neo-soul and R&B mixed in.

Personal Life-Distance Can Be Sweet

Positive Flow-Kingdom

The Boogie Vol. 5-Tokyo Dawn Records

This prolific collection of groovy and boogie greatness is now 5 years old.  Featuring some of the labels finest boogie actors and certain highlights from their careers.

Doc Mastermind-A Trip to the Stars


Opolopo: Mutants Vol. 2-Tokyo Dawn Records

On this compilation talented producer and electro-funk maestro Opolopo reworks and curates this giant collection.

The High Five feat Mario Biondi-This is What You Are (Opolopo remix)

The Move Vol.2

Mowgan-Atche Keke

keeping it rolling…let’s get into some different stuff.

Acid Jazz Cools Out-Acid Jazz Records

This from the Acid Jazz record label, it does exactly what it says cools you out.

listen to the whole thing here,

or a few tracks below.

Mac Pac-Just Dream

The James Taylor Quartet-Keep The Dream Alive

Duomo Sounds Ltd: Nigerian 80s Disco Music To Move Your Soul…need I say more?  I’ll let the music do the talking

Bindiga-Perfect Disco Machine

Mike Umoh-Shake Your Body

I guess I was heavy into disco jam’s last year and hey why not, dancing and cutting loose is exactly what we all needed in 2017.

Groove Line Records’ Can You Feel The Force? – The John Luongo Disco Mixes showcases the finest productions created by the pioneering and hugely influential DJ/remixer, and is the very first collection of its kind.

The Jackson-Blame it on the Boogie


Disco selected by Joey Negro and Sean P., here’s a few jazzy disco spinners for ya.

Margo Williams-Don’t Let My Rainbow Pass Me By

Idris Muhammad-Could Heaven Ever Be Like This



…and now it’s time to get serious.  Let’s speed this up.  Enjoy the album cover porn, and look up the ones that you are really interested in!

Keep the sock-hop rockin’.

Solid mod and soul.

The music on here is historical and important, the stories behind the songs even more so.  Such a fascinating collection of early Jazz and Blues.

…and here are a bunch more comps I perused this year, check em out, mostly a lot of soul/funk/r&b.

Cavendish Library Archive Music selected by Mr. Thing and Chris Read.

BoomBox 1&2 up in this thang…its

Craig Charles the mastermind behind—is still at it picking his fare share of grooves.

Exactly what it says it is.

There is nothing like some girl group bubblegum when you’re in the right mood.

…just a lil popcorn.

Reel me in,…insert fish emoji.

a couple of these came out…

more r&b…

2 comps about talking on the phone…



some super dope Brazilian jams.

…the birth of Philly soul is always fun…

This was well worth the time.  I felt sorta jittery and high just listening to it and not even partaking.

Bubblegum. Popcorn.  Nuggets.  Etc…

I had heard a lot of these many times before, but this compilation taken altogether made for a real nice vibe.

I just discovered this Pied Piper series.

More R&B?  Well this is from the dawn of the Mods!

Love that rhythm and blues.

Jasmine Records resurrecting some gems.

Funk, soul, and disco from Japan? Sounds exotic…

…just gettin’ warmed up…

Tramp vol. 8.

Real pimp type shit.

Ace/Kent  rockabilly, rhythm and blues, and more.

Super duperrr funk.

Radio hits, real nice.

Featurecast drops some serious funk bombs, vol.3.


Two from Stateside records.

Real Side Records throws down more outta sight soul.  A real solid mix, featuring Darrow Fletcher, Jay and the Techniques, and Checkmates LTD.

Another ‘Birth of Soul’ joint from Ace/Kent.

Ministry of Sound threw this one down, and it didn’t contain the most obscure cuts, but it did contain a lot of dope cuts put together with just the right nuance.  Be on the lookout for more from them, as well as the Ministry of Sound compilation Throwback Grooves.

Dilated Peoples-Worst Comes to Worst

Phew, that’s all I can muster for now.  I hope it was fun.

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