Comp-Down 2013


Hello out there from the universe of the Donut.  I’ve been instructed to inform the people of earth about the sacred re-issues and compilations that graced the airwaves in 2013.  Here’s a lil taste of 30 of the most killer comps from last year…


Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minnesota Sound (Numero Group)

Mind and Matter-Sunshine Lady

The Lewis Connection-Higher


Lee Hazlewood Industries-There’s A Dream I’ve Been Saving 1966-1971 (Light In The Attic Records)

The Woodchucks-Angry Generation


Choubi Choubi Vol. 2-Folk and Pop Sounds from Iraq

Ahmad Al Indibat-Bye Bye Bye

Khoder Hadi-Watad


London Is the Place For Me Vol. 5-Latin, Jazz, Calypso, and Highlife From Young Black London

Buddy Pipp’s Highlifers-Ghana Special

Lord Kitchener-Cricket Umpires


Sorrow Come Pass Me Round-A Survey of Rural Black Religious Music

A re-issue of a re-issue of a re-issue.  This is like the inception of compilations.

Babe Stovall-When the Circle Be Unbroken

Willard Artis “Blind Pete” Burrell-Do Remember Me


Grime 2.0


TC4-Lazer Riddem


Dabke: Sounds of the Syrian Houran

…soon you will be able to tell the difference from Iraqi music and Syrian music…

…here’s some tunes from this killer Dabke comp…

Abu Wafsi-Deg Deg Dagdeglo

Ahmad El Kosem-Love Is Not a Joke


Book A Trip 2-More Psych Pop Sounds from Capitol Records

review of this comp here…


Shik Shak Shok: Psychedelic Music For Belly Dance, Lebanon 72-85

Daniel Dar Sahakian-Raksat Baladi


Scared To Get Happy: A Story of Indie Pop 80-89

here’s a lil music from disc one…

The Nightingales-Paraffin Brain

The Dolly Mixxtures-Everything and More

and some info about this huge collection…


Eccentric Soul: the Forte Label (Numero Group)

James Whitney-With Fun In My Life

The Rayons-Baby Be Good


Punk 45: Kill the Hippies, Kill Yourself-The American Nation Destroys Its Young, Underground Punk in the US vol. 1

The Electric Eels-Agitated

The Deadbeats-Kill the Hippies


Acid: Mysterons Invade the Jackin’ Zone-Chicago Acid and Experimental House 86-93

Acid Wash-Hallucinate

Cool McCool-World Turns Around


Change The Beat-The Celluloid Records Story 79-87

Ginger Baker-Dust To Dust

Toure Kunda-Amadou Tilo


Music For Dancefloors: The KPM Music Library

Duncan Lamont-Funky Express (Re-Edit)

Barry Morgan and Ray Cooper-Samba Street


Keb Darge and Little Edith’s Legendary Wild Rockers Vol. 3-a Collection of Rare Rockabilly and Surf From the 50s and 60s

Joe Lee and His Orchestra-Hang Out

The Shindigs-Thunder Reef


Greek Rhapsody-Instrumental Music From Greece 1905-1956

Alexis Zoumbas-Arvanitiko

Ag. Tombouli-Raftaki


Stand Up, People-Gypsy Pop Songs From Tito’s Yugoslavia 64-80

Saban Bajramovic-Dzemila

Muharem Serbezovski-Ramajana



Enjoy the Experience-Homemade Records 58-92

Jade-Music Slave

Joe E.-Come On Sign


Mirror To the Soul: Caribbean Jump-Up, Mambo and Calypso Beat 1954-77

The Fabulous McLeverty’s-Don’t Blame It On Elvis

El Gran Combo-Baila Mi Shing A Ling


Jerome Derradji Presents: Kill Yourself Dancing-The Story of Sunset Records Inc. 1985-89

 Michaelangelo-You Can Do It

Modern Mechanical Music-Persia


Mutazione: Italian Electronic and New Wave Underground 1980-88

Neon-Information of Death

Winter Light-Always Unique


Kenya Special: Selected East African Recordings From the 70s and 80s

The Loi Toki Tok Band-Ware Wa

The Rift Valley Brothers-Mu Africa


New Breed Blues With Black Popcorn

a review of this one here.


Trevor Jackson Presents: Metal Dance 2-Industrial New Wave EBM Classics and Rarities 79-88

SPK-Metal Dance

23 Skidoo-Coup In The Palace


New Orleans Funk 3: Two Way Pock A Way, Gumbo Ya-Ya and Mardi Gras Mambo

Lee Dorsey-Little Baby

The Dixie Cups-Two Way Poc A Way


The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records 1917-32

Now this one took some dedication, thanks to Jack White’s Third Man Records


Philly Regrooved 3: Tom Moulton Remixes-From The Master

New York City-I’m Doing Fine Now

Philly Devotions-I Just Can’t Say Goodbye


Movements Vol. 5

Jimmy Gilford-Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby

Lil Buck and The Top Cats-Monkey In A Sack

Vol. 6 is out now


Fading Yellow Vol. 15: Sunshowers-US/Canadian Popsike and Other Delights

find out all about these comps on their tumblr…

and a bunch more re-issues and cool releases from last year, here…


also check this comp. out, its only available on vinyl…I Need You Bad it documents the current sound of Bay Area rockers.

…another dude’s lists here.

and a little taste of a new comp from 2014.


Sergio Endrigo-Canzone Per Te

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