Return of the Funny


Keep on laughing well into the year.  Don’t ever lose that imagination you had as a child…or listen to some dirty stuff and download it for free.

Lenny Bruce-Tits and Ass

Lenny Bruce-Separation of Church and State

Bill Hicks-The New Living Bible

Eddie Murphy-Richard Pryor

Reggie Watts on WNYC


Richard Pryor-Niggers Vs. The Police

Lenny Bruce-How Hitler Got Started

Belle and Sebastian-Funny Little Frog

Bill Hicks-Flag

Richard Pryor-Chinese Food

Reggie Watts-Binary Existence

Laughing Audience

Laughing Stock

Reggie Watts-Butter Toast

Brook Benton-Funny How Time Slips Away

Richard Pryor-Our Text For Today

Deerhunter-He Would Have Laughed

Chop Chop-Funny Funny Ideas

Holograms-Laughter Breaks the Silence

Dennis Brown-Funny Feeling Dub

Brian Posehn-Monkey Birthday

Lenny Bruce-Father Flotski’s Triumph Unexpurgated

Flying Lotus-And The World Laughs With You


Pissed Jeans-Bathroom Laughter

50 Cent-Funny How Time Flies

Richard Pryor-Excorcist

Professor Nuts-Funny Guy

Blitzen Trapper-Laughing Lover

Orbital-Funny Break/One Is Enough

Part Time-Funny Moods

About Group-Make The World Laugh

Reggie Watts-Wanna Get

Reggie Watts-The Artists Organization

Zombie Vandals-Funny Haired Kids

Ffunny Ffriends


About spinladen

DJ at KWVA University of Oregon campus radio, record collector, artist.
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