Good Laugh


It’s always time for a good laugh…so here’s some tunes and some comedy for ya.

Mighty Boosh-Rare & Unreleased

Bloomfield/Kooper-It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry

Altered Nixon Speech

Elvis Presley-Are You Lonesome Tonight (laughing version)

Adam Sandler-Food Inuendo Guy

The Beau Brummels-Laugh Laugh

Patton Oswalt-Angry Monkey Project

Doc & Sal-Laughing To Keep From Crying

Maria Bamford-Mental Makeup

Titus Turner-People Sure Act Funny


Dent May-Yazoo

George Carlin-I used to be Irish Catholic

Dent May-Fun


Karl Pilkington-The Wasp and the Cricket

Tides From Nebula-Laughter of the Gods

Aziz Ansari-Angry w/ 8 A’s

The Rolling Stones-Laugh, I Nearly Died

David Cross-Black Stuff

Ice Cube-Laugh Now, Cry Later

Doug Stanhope-Two Headed Baby

Big Mama Thornton-Laugh, Laugh, Laugh


About spinladen

DJ at KWVA University of Oregon campus radio, record collector, artist.
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