happy donut day


Happy National Donut Day everybody.  I celebrated today by having some of my favorite donuts in the world.  Voodoo Donuts.  I’m sure Homer would be proud.  This is our holiday!!!  So in honor of this momentous holiday we here at Soul Donuts have put together the first ever Soul Donuts-Donut Day Mix, straight outta the mixing bowl and into the fryer.  It could be one of the weirdest mixes ever.  Enjoy…and download as zip file here.

…another donut extra sprinkles…

Jim Gaffigan-Dunkin’ Donuts


Eldorado FM-Big Donut

The Braindead Monkeys-Path of the Donut

The Dickies-Donut Man

The Vik Shows-Donut Shop

Booka Shade-Donut

Cloon-Donut the Size of A Wheel

Panda Fury-Donut Parade


The Flashbulb-Metropolitan Donut

Captain Tractor-MMM Donut

J Dilla-The Donut of the Heart

The Donuts-She May Be Your Girl

Hot Donuts-Psychic Hotline

Danny Elfman-Weepy Donuts

Frank the Phresh-Hearts and Donuts

The Letter People-Mr. D’s Delicious Donuts

New Bomb Turks-Buckeye Donuts

Samiyam-Donuts With Sprinkles

James William Roy-Donuts and Bacon

Dark Envy-Sugar Donut

Perfume-Sweet Donuts


About spinladen

DJ at KWVA University of Oregon campus radio, record collector, artist.
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