Yeti Spotting


Bigfoot has been spotted and I have the proof right here.

Thee Oh Sees-I Come From The Mountain


On an On-The Hunter

Parry Gripp-Sasquatch

Monsters in the Attic-Sasquatch

Ghost Mutt-Sasquatch (CocoBryce Remix)


Sasquatch Bury Their Dead

Dream Jefferson-Vampyroteuthis

Dream Jefferson-The Ghosts of San Simeon

Reverend Sasquatch-Demon Disposal

Los Straightjackets-Sasquatch

Angry Petunias-Bigfoot Rocks

Bonsai Kamikaze-Bigfoot Stomp

Los Yetis-Tres Grados Bajo Cero

Los Yetis-No Me Digas Adios

Los Yetis-Pedimos La Paz

Los Yetis-Revolucionando

Los Yetis-Te Espero En La Guerra

Los Yetis-Yo Grito

Saskwatch-Two Hearts

…and coming up soon on Memorial Day weekend, this years lineup for the Sasquatch Music Fest at the Gorge in WA.


About spinladen

DJ at KWVA University of Oregon campus radio, record collector, artist.
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