NFL on Life Support?

Well its sad but true, but it seems to me that the NFL has been put on life support.  The question is can anyone ever respect and trust the organization again?  Right now as the horns are unlocked on the referee negotiations, it is becoming quite clear to everyone that this was a struggle over ego’s and power.  Leaving the fans to suffer the blows.  Medics are trying to revive the ailing league but it remains on life support.

El-P-Take You Out At The Ball Game

The Orwells-Lays at Rest

The Game-Hate It Or Love It

Myron and E with the Soul Investigators-Cold Game

Baby Cortez-Somebody’s Been Messin’

Frankly if I were a Seahawks fan I would be embarrassed of Pete Carrol, and the way that game was handled, why would someone boast about winning that mess?

HEM-Too Late To Turn Back Now

Nature’s Time-I Can’t Play Your Game

Chromeo-Hot Mess

Fletcher C. Johnson-Messin’ Up My Mind

Teengirl Fantasy-Cheaters

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