Mall Bangs

I have strange memories of cloud’s of hairspray wafting out of the bathroom at my Aunt and Uncle’s house, legs crossed, face blue waiting in line for the bathroom.  Cans of Aqua Net gleaming in the corner, piled up like old rifle shells.  His older sister would be in there for hours putting the finishing touches on her masterpiece mop.  Most specifically the largest bangs you ever saw…she would have referred to them as “mall bangs.”

This scenario was often the case, waiting for the one bathroom in the house, while young teenage hormones are primping themselves for the party soaked night ahead.  I can even remember the games we played, kick the can, or ghosts in the graveyard…and this was the time of year, early football season.  So in honor of this memory I’ve thrown together some random tunes with images of 80’s over-consumption of Aquanet hairspray, why not.

Il Gato-All these Birds in my Hair

Gauntlet Hair-Top Bunk

The Hairs-I’ve Been Working Out

Conveyor-Short Hair

Sun SIster-Growing Ur Hair Out

Right the Stars-Airhead (There’s the Moment)

Sun Glitters-The Wind Caresses Her Hair

and…ouch.  This last one is hilarious.

I’ve just submitted the definition of mall bangs to Urban Dictionary so check it out and like the hell out of it.

About spinladen

DJ at KWVA University of Oregon campus radio, record collector, artist.
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1 Response to Mall Bangs

  1. Lauren says:

    That one with the frosted-pink tips is epic!!

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