Post Country?

I’ve discovered a recent small trend in music that looks to the greatest Nashville stars for inspiration.  I’m talking about Country music.  The type of music that had swagger way before lil wayne and Drake…and now it’s back.  Not the type of Pop-country music currently being peddled by the mainstream. This new brand of Country come-back composers take inspiration from the type of Country music that takes handfuls of pills, bottles of booze, dogs that got run over, women that ran out, and jobs being lost, to be conceived.  Not that this music has the same oomph as say… Johnny Cash, George Jones, or Merle Haggard it does certainly remind you of those days and their auras, or the complex inspiration that influenced their sound.  Perhaps this is an honest effort to channel the real Country and Western music of old, of my Grandfather’s era.  Makes me wonder who the next Patsy Cline is? and/or will this trend progress?  Perhaps into a new Elvis?  Now I’m not saying that this is Country music necessarily, only that it sounds to me like they were influenced by the good ol’ boys.

Beachwood Sparks-The Orange Grass Special

Sonny and the Sunsets-Longtime Companion

Daughn Gibson-Bad Guys

Jack White-Blunderbuss
If you got any suggestion of other groups following this trend I would love to know, so comment and tell me about it.  Thanks.

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DJ at KWVA University of Oregon campus radio, record collector, artist.
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