Crazy Like a PHOX – Unblushing

Wow, just got turned on to a great local Madison, WI eclectic group named PHOX, whose members hail from nearby Baraboo.  Fronted by uber-chantuesse Monica, whose presence and voice is both a visual and aural explosion,  (fancy talk for this lovely beauty can sing!)  Phox has been taking the area by storm with their layered melodic textures and harmonies.  I love they also did a documentary of the entire recording process for their debut, ​Unblushing.​  Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling these folks are going to break it to the big time very soon! (I know my boss Spin Laden at Soul Donuts will be hooked fo’ sho’)  Enjoy!  (I’m definitely playing this a lot!)  Here’s the entire album, to which you can pay what you want for it here.

PHOX – Clubs and Spades (Amazing!)

PHOX – Engine Runner

PHOX – Evil

PHOX – Shrinking Violets

(Retro Glasses + Packer Sweatshirt + Sexy Ethereal Voice = WALL I’s Mind Blown)

PHOX – Laura (Oh, Girl) (Hauntingly Beautiful!)






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