Akil Ammar – Postdata

This week’s post comes from a awesome Mexico City hip hop artist who’s been around awhile, Jonathan Rojas, aka Akil Ammar, who’s politically and socially laden musical razorblades en Español  cut straight through to the bone and soul in this years release “Postdata”.  WALL I’s been hooked on this album for the last week straight and decided to turn loose a few cuts off the LP as well as some past gems I fancy.  Disfrutalos!

Postdata (2012)

Despertar y Vivir (feat. Alika) (Wake Up and Live)

Regreso (Return)

Somos Más (feat. Mustafá Yoda) (We Are More)

Manos Vacías (feat. Lengualerta) (Empty Hands)

Nadie Como Tú (feat. Aniki) (No One Like You)

Gondwana (feat. Lyricson & Canelason)

Otras éxitos de Akil que me encanta (other hits of Akil I love/adore)

Es Tiempo feat. Iza (It’s Time)

Policías en helicóptero feat. El Aarón (Police in Helicopter)

América Nativa feat. Alika & Nueva Alianza (Great sample from Mumia Abu Jamal)

Escuela Calle feat. Nedman (Street School)

Siempre Independiente y Libre!


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