Painting my Masterpiece…

The Band-When I Paint My Masterpiece

The Mo-dettes-paint it black


soft powers-plastic future smiles

These above street pieces kinda remind me of my own street art pieces.  They were designed as some kind of advertising.  Check out a little quick look at some spinladen street art below.

In some of my recent glass work I’ve been exploring the idea of capturing suspended animation.  Sort of poetry in motion frozen in glass.  This work is simply taking that idea to the street in order to expand my canvas, and incorporate the environment.  So here I present for you a quick preview of street glass.

Gang Gang Dance-Glass Jar

Wavves-Stained Glass (Won’t You Let Me Into Your Heart)

Wild Flag-Glass Tambourine

About spinladen

DJ at KWVA University of Oregon campus radio, record collector, artist.
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