For real what is wrong with the NFL lately?  Players complaining to the press about trash-talking, coaches fighting, the refs going crazy and flagging every hit for a personal foul, and even a grown man kicking another man in the nuts maliciously.  Sickening…I never thought I would see the day that that would happen, and there wasn’t even an uproar over the ball blast.

Meek Mill-What Part of The Game

Brand-I’m A Lover Not A Fighter

Robert Cacciapaglia-Sport et Divertissement

Certainly the game is violent and we all love it, myself included, but resorting to cheap shots is not the way fellas…at least ones so obvious.  In the past the dirty play seemed to be a bit more clandestine.  I.E. the eye-gouge, the fish-hook, and the subtle charlie horse knee jab.  Far better than the all too flippant groin stomp that the Viking’s Robison displayed.  Step up your game fool.

Little Carl Carlton-Competition Ain’t Nothin’

Lightnin’ Rod-Sport

Willie Mitchell-The Champion

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