Bombed and Depleted

Beirut is back with their new album Rip Tide.  This is delightfully more of the same from Zach Condon’s small bedroom project turned rolling juggernaut.  None of the unique instrumentation is lost here, only added to and expounded upon.  Showcasing a slightly more pop influenced sound on this album, it is apparent that significant time was spent on writing the songs.  A short album clocking in at just over 33 minutes this 9 song album has little filler.  Beautiful horn arrangements, bold string sections, rich vocal harmonies, plenty of accordion, and of course ukulele finely interweave with the rolling drums that echo Pink Floyd’s-Bring the Boys Back Home from The Wall.  Where Pink Floyd gives us strong emotion and allusions to loss during war, Beirut leaves us feeling the tenderness of victory and parade-like atmospheres.  Not simply an album of anecdotal whimsy this is more like a mature attempt at making great songs.  It is certain to stick with you.

Pink Floyd-bring the boys back home


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