album covers…triangles

Ice Black Birds-22.22

Since the time of the pyramids the triangle has been a powerful image of dynamism and enthusiasm.  Here are some album covers with triangles all up on em.

The Bewitched Hands-Birds & Drums

Africa Hitech-Boingy

Prince Rama-Land Of The Apocalypse Transcended

Truman Peyote-New Wife, New Life

Real Estate-Basement

Peaking Lights-Creatures Of Day, Creatures At Night

Townes Van Zandt-Tecumseh Valley

The Black Monk-Filcut

The Lonely Forest-Turn Off This Song and Go Outside

Holy Ghost!-Hold On

The Strokes-Metabolism

There’s a small blue triangle right over Tom’s head…

Tom Waits-Lonely

White Fence-Lillian (Won’t You Play The Drums)

Enjoy…bye bye, ciao, au revoir


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DJ at KWVA University of Oregon campus radio, record collector, artist.
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