Good Old Fashioned Summer BBQ…

Admittedly there is nothing more American than slapping hundreds of pounds of pulsating pork products and beef up on the BBQ.  We all know that those Canadian bastards the Trailer Park Boys would be stealing a BBQ and some meats of their own to try and top it, but sadly they will fail every time for we are Americans and one of the things we do best is ingest large amounts of fatty meats!

Where the Fuck is Randy's Barbecue?

Just Please Remember to CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES! and don’t eat too much and end up in the emergency room with gastric distension.  For heaven’s sake eat a little salad why don’t ya.

BB&Q-I Could Never Say) It’s Over

Ford and Lopatin-Emergency Room

King Khan and the BBQ Show

King Khan and the BBQ Show-Invisible Girl

King Khan and the BBQ Show-I’ll Be Loving You

King Khan and the BBQ Show-Teabag Party

King Khan and the BBQ Show-I’ll Never Belong

King Khan and the BBQ Show-Captain Captain

King Khan and the BBQ Show-Treat Me Like a Dog

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Excellent interview here with King Khan.

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