Good Old Fashioned American Amusement Parks…

Mates of State-Roller Coaster Ride

Fun in the summer is meant to be just like the roller coasters at the park, typically full of ups and downs.  Just take it easy though and don’t let your fear get the best of you and paralyze your mind.  Take control, and remember that the urban legends were not true.  Stephanie from full house did not fall off of a roller coaster and die, in fact very few people do.  So you won’t either, have fun.

Last Year’s Men-Paralyzed

Amusement Parks on Fire-Flashlight Planetarium

Spoon-Roller Coaster (13th Floor Elevators Cover)

Pants off, Dance off!  Look…it appears that she has not broken any bones falling out of amusement park rides.

Male Bonding-Bones

The Holidays-Broken Bones (Javelin Remix)

White Stripes-Bone Broke

Remember to eat lots of food on a stick while you are there.  Corn dogs, cheese on a stick, turkey leg (it comes on a natural stick of its own), ice cream cones, cotton candy, funnel cake, etc…Enjoy some games too, the carnies usually look bored.  Maybe try to fool the guess your weight people by going once and then eating and drinking a ton, then going back.  That might be fun.

Always keep your hands in the air while riding, even though it says not to.

P.S. waiting in line is fun, don’t forget it.

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