Good Old Fashioned American Road Trip…

Eric Clapton and JJ Cale- Anyway The Wind Blows

Here it is summer and the time to hit the open road calls to all of us like Kerouac’s Dean in “On the Road”….and why not?  Since the birth of red painted cars and teenagers it is an innate drive that prompts us to drive across the country and venture out onto the asphalt.  The farther the better, gas prices be damned.

Dishwalla-Counting Blue Cars


Red cars are almost the only colored cars you see on the road anymore.  Now everything is muted shades of grey, blue, or green, if having any color at all.  Strangely enough though you do see a fair number of yellow cars out there.  Weird?!

Eric Clapton and JJ Cale-Danger

Cool movie.  Not about road trips, more like hot rod dragstrips, but it illustrates my point about the inseperablity between teens and cars.  Watch it, it’s probably better than reality TV.

Blackalicious-4000 Miles

Tenacious D-The Road



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