all time top 5…///where to quit?


I have to admit freely that making this little list was real tough.  The first four were real easy for me.  The choices came real natural, but picking a 5th person was hard.  Basically a tie between four people.  Yet in the end I chose Fela Kuti, mostly because I couldn’t live with the list without having him on it.  The man was just way too crucial.  Bigger than Jesus, kicked out Sir Paul McCartney from one of his shows accusing him of trying to steal his style, ten times more revolutionary than Peter Tosh, and unfortunately lived through more personal shit than many.  See Coffin For Head Of State.

Fela Kuti-Bonfo

Fela Kuti-Mistake

If you wanna learn more, which you should, pick up a book.  Or I guess check this out.  Or this.  Or this.  Or This. Plus they made a Broadway Musical about him.  Which I heard was good.

Fela The Musical

Fela Kuti-Wadele Wa Robin


Innovator, inventor, commander, teacher, musician, artist, megalomaniac, husband to many women, soldier, scholar, revolutionary, Black President, collaborator…that’s Fela for ya.

Fela Kuti and Roy Ayers-2000 Blacks Got To Be Free

Cool Link.

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