All Time Top 5-Uncle Ray

Really not much needs to be said about Ray Charles.  His music speaks louder than my words ever could.  Highly respected, as innovator, master, and genius, Ray has done it all.  The reason he is one of my favorites has got to be his voice.  Making a list like this is very difficult, and choosing faves is best done with eyes closed, using only your deeper, inner emotions.  Drowning out rational thought or reason, you must choose based on a leap of faith.  There is no greater place to land, after leaping, then in Ray’s world, and that is due to his voice.

Ray Charles-Unchain My Heart

Ray Charles-Careless Love

Ray Charles-Bye Bye Love



Ray Charles-Drown In My Own Tears

Ray Charles-Georgia On My Mind

Ray Charles-You Be My Baby

Ray Charles and Milt Jackson-Blue Funk


About spinladen

DJ at KWVA University of Oregon campus radio, record collector, artist.
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