All Time Top 5-No-Brainer

Tom Waits-Alice

Tom Waits-Somewhere (From West Side Story)

Tom Waits-Martha

Tom Waits-Lonely

Tom Waits-Jersey Girl

Tom Waits-You can never hold back spring

Tom Waits-Take The Long Way Home

Tom Waits-Diamonds On My Windshield

Number two post in my all time top 5.  This one for me is a no-brainer.  For all of the hater’s and non-believers I don’t even listen, because my heart and soul have all ready made it abundantly clear to me that; when I listen to Tom Waits something special is happening.  To me its as if Tom has all the while been trying to paint pictures, not with brush and ink, but words and song.  Still the same affect is achieved, masterful compositions, moving images for the mind to see, and tragic narratives.  In other words purely art.  For example I submit to you “Alice.”  If you have the attention span left to follow lyrics, listen closely and imagine, because the images become clear when you endeavor this.

With a new album in the works, I’m overwhelmed with excitement for this one.  Below is some lyrics to a new song.

Not to mention his acting career.  He is currently lending his voice to animated characters alongside Terry Gilliam for a short film called the The Monster Of Nix.

…and check this out too, they know what I’m talking about.
Another all time top 5, featuring our man Tom, recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

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