Chinese Conemporary Art

Young Chinese artist Yang Yongliang’s work speaks to the creativity and vibrancy of contemporary Chinese art.  Trained in Hong Kong, combining more traditional methods  with photography of urban landscapes, Yongliang’s images can develop into a dream-like whirlwind of space, an elusive modern landscape, or concrete downtown developments.  His work combines all of these elements seamlessly with the modesty of traditional Chinese landscape paintings, and calligraphy.  Still I am personally drawn to his innovative use of photography and imagery.

The images suggest a fantasy rooted in the reality of modern urban detritus, in a surprisingly romantic way.  Unfortunately the romantic vision is partially obstructed by a knowledge of the toxic nature of development; thus ruining the sublimity.

Truly an ingenious piece his Cigarette Ash Landscape establishes itself more firmly in reality, yet displays a stifling effect to the viewer that acts like an assault to your senses.  Just like the city can be, and smoking.  A fitting amalgamation of ideas.

His newer works incorporate classical Greek structures with his signature urban landscapes hiding clandestinely in the corner of the stone structures.  A slight departure in narrative from his older more austere landscapes, and fanciful cloud-cities.  This may suggest a more earthly presence and perhaps a more positive spin on development that highlights human natures more enterprising sides.  As well the Greek pieces indicate an interesting connection to art history/ancient history and modern life; simultaneously displayed to us by a non-westerner.  Many levels of interest going on here.

You be the judge, and share with others.

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