Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils-What a Pleasure

Beach Fossils-Sometimes

“Since the beginning of time, music has been soothing the savage breast and our beasts within have been moving to the beat of whatever seems cool to the beatmaker within our breasts.  We live in the most fortunate of times when all music–jazz, classical, ethnic, rock–is available to all of us to listen to in our studios and homes.  Music moves the artist’s hand.  From the early days of 45 rpm records and the creation of idols such as Elvis Presley to today’s hightech graphics and CD’s, rock and roll’s effect on contemporary art has been particularly visible.  The artist’s creations are drawn from the music and the musician’s lifestyle.  Yes music is an inspiration.  It calls out.  It whispers into our ears things we cannot forget.  The pen, the brush, the camera, the computer are just a few of the tools offered to the artist’s eager hands as the message pours from fingers into form.  See how I’m listening.”

Deborah Harry

Just let a lil Beach Fossils whisper into your ears.

About spinladen

DJ at KWVA University of Oregon campus radio, record collector, artist.
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